Individual Services Offered

Phone Consultation for Prospective Patients (15 mins, free)

Phone Consultation

An initial conversation to better understand your situation and whether we will work together. On this call we will review your current state, prior medical history, a brief overview of my services, and options moving forward. If I do not think that my practice is the best fit for your needs, I am happy to provide referral alternatives.

Schedule Phone Consult

Intake Appointment or Consultation (75 mins, $525)

Initial Consultation

During this appointment, we will discuss your current symptoms and functioning, review your past history, and together develop a treatment plan that feels like a good fit.

If you have any prior experience with treatment, please bring a copy of your records or provide me with a release to speak with prior clinicians. If laboratory or other studies are indicated for comprehensive treatment, I will work with your primary care physician or obstetrician to ensure these are completed.

If this is a one-time consultation appointment, I will provide a detailed letter with treatment recommendations to your primary provider. Often, I provide these consultations to OB-GYN physicians whose patients have questions about medication safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding or questions about the course of a psychiatric condition in pregnancy.

Follow Up Services (25 or 50 mins, $200 or $300)

Psychotherapy +/- medication management (50 minutes)
This is a generally a weekly, recurring appointment where we can use a wide variety of psychotherapies to manage symptoms of emotional distress. If you have been my patient and are feeling stable, we can over time decrease the frequency of appointments. If medications are appropriate, we will discuss them during these visits.

Medication management only (25 or 50 minutes)
This appointment is for patients who are doing well on their medication and need a monthly check in for refills, minor changes, and support. Generally, you are also seeing a non-MD clinician for psychotherapy, and I will work collaboratively with that individual to ensure comprehensive care.

Out-of-Office Services:

Available Options:

  • In-Home psychotherapy and medication management (50 minutes plus my travel time)
  • Tele-Psychiatry appointment for psychotherapy and medication management (50 minutes)
  • Walking Psychotherapy: There is plenty of research on the benefits of exercise for mood and the mood enhancements effects of being outdoors and in nature. In these sessions, we will cover the same ground as we would during in-office sessions, but while walking in the neighborhood around the office.

These are available only after an initial appointment, which must be done in the office, and a discussion to determine if you meet the appropriate criteria for these services.

Group Services Offered

Group Therapy:

Group Services

A five-week program for like-minded moms and moms-to-be focusing on mindfulness, relationships, and identity transition.

Goals for You: 

  • Develop mindfulness tools to better manage your negative and anxious thoughts and feelings
  • Learn to identify maladaptive patterns of behavior in a safe space, and use your experiences and those of others to improve your coping skills
  • Use the group to challenge your own beliefs in order to shape your relationships with others during this time of identity transition
  • Supplement your work in individual or couples therapy

Women’s Workshop:

Your mental and emotional wellness are of paramount importance during the time of planning for a baby, pregnancy, and postpartum. Many questions can come up about how to prepare, how to navigate relationships during this time, how to decrease the risk of postpartum difficulties, how to transition to a new identity, and more. Pregnancy and postpartum related anxiety, anger, and depression can be isolating and difficult to recognize, with many questions and few answers.

This workshop will aim to solve that. This three-hour session will arm you with information to be more resilient during this time, teach practical skills to manage the emotions that arise, and provide a safe space to ask difficult questions.

Additional details:

  • Location & timing for the next workshop will be posted shortly
  • Light breakfast & beverages will be provided.
  • Cost: $90. Pre-registration is required as space is limited
  • To reserve your space, contact Dr. Glezer at


Please review my FAQ section for answers to common questions from my patients.