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This collection of articles is sourced from my educational site, Mind Body Pregnancy, where I cover a breadth of mental health topics that span a woman’s reproductive years. All articles are backed by medical research and are inspired by questions from hundreds of my past and current patients. You will find helpful information on mood, anxiety, depression, mental illness, hormones, treatments, and more published regularly.

112, 2016

A Guide to my Articles

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You might be here because you are planning a pregnancy and feeling worried, or because you are pregnant and struggling emotionally, or postpartum and feeling low. You might have a partner or friend or family member who is having mental health problems related to pregnancy or infertility or parenthood. You may have noticed [...]

2710, 2016

Post-Adoption Parental Depression

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Adoption is quite common. Data reports that one of every 40 kids in the US is adopted. And parents who are going through the process of adoption can be vulnerable to the same emotional changes as those going through a biological pregnancy and postpartum period. Yet, little research exists into the mental health [...]

2909, 2016

Postpartum Irritability

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You may have read many articles already on postpartum depression, either this one from me or others. You may have even been prepared for the possibility of feeling depressed postpartum and had a plan for how to potentially address that feeling. But what if you do not feel particularly depressed? What if the primary [...]

2309, 2016

Eating Disorders During Pregnancy

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Weight gain and body shape is a huge concern for women in pregnancy, regardless of eating history. One study in the UK found that 40% of pregnant women feared weight gain during pregnancy and 70% worried they would be unable to return to their pre-pregnancy weight. These numbers are similar in most Western [...]

2608, 2016

Postpartum Mania & Bipolar Disorder

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There is quite a bit of discussion these days of postpartum depression as the primary mental health condition that can afflict a new mom. However, there is also postpartum mania - much more rare but very serious. What is Postpartum Mania? Mania is a mood episode characterized by symptoms that can include: Decreased [...]

1208, 2016

Light Therapy for Depression

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Perinatal and postpartum depression affects many women, by some studies up to 10-20%. In my clinical practice, I also have many women who struggle with the decision about taking medications for treatment of this condition given the potential for side effects and exposure to the baby. Therefore, there is always a search for [...]

408, 2016

OCD in Pregnancy

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As we’ve previously learned, pregnancy and the postpartum period can predispose a woman to developing a new mental health condition or worsening of an ongoing diagnosis. This is the case with depression, with anxiety, and also with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. This condition is characterized by intrusive, recurrent thoughts, often with a need to alleviate [...]

1207, 2016

Acupuncture for Pregnancy Depression

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Many of my pregnant patients struggling with depression ask about non-medication treatment options. Understandably, there are many concerns and hesitations about taking medication during pregnancy. For women with mild to moderate depressive symptoms, acupuncture is one such treatment alternative. What is acupuncture? Acupuncture is an ancient Eastern treatment form that seeks to address [...]